Cyber / Exosuit girl

some cyber/war suit woman I draw on my new Samsung 7 Slate tablet pc as a ultimate hardware test in my holidays.

Transformer pen

hi folks, this is a transformer pen, the developement concept of the transformation will follow soon ;)

some old stuff

as I said this are reaaaaaally really old artworks! Before they gather dust on my hard drive I post it.
1. the room concept of the Game Slope
2. a snow caterpillar concept for Slope
3. hut concept for slope
4. "space dock" small practice of perspective
5. another 1 1/2 hours practice

April Saber Rider Concept

This is a concept of april from the series Saber Rider which was published in1984. I have done this concept for the Game Saber Rider, which we currently work on.


here another one of my old work from 2011 called technica.

WWZ no hope

This is one of my older works, I think from 2011, I draw this after I read the book World War Z from Max Brooks.

Sci-Fi door

The lowPoly door (500Verts 1024 Texture) rendered in the Cryengine 3.

sci-fi door concept

this is the concept of the sci-fi door that we have to create in 3D as an examination at the Games Academy. I will use this concept as a base
 for the 3D model which I will post in the next hours.

Alienwold Concept

 I´ve done this for the photoshop examination in shool. also it was published in the very last 2D Artist magazine

Slope Male Character

Yeah and this is the male character of our game :)

Slope Female Charactere Concept

this is a character concept which I had made for our snowboard game Slope that we develop currently at the Games Academy in Frankfurt.

Slope wallpaper

Yeah this is a wallpaper which I draw for our snowboard game that we will present at the gamescom in germany soon^^