Little Robot

I´m a big fan of Matt Tkocz Robots so I've tried to draw something similar, also with a little step by step GIF ;)

Female Character Thumbnails

Sunday Character practice.
Some female character scribbles with different more or less modern/sci-fi clothes.

Combat Mech

Another Combat Mech which I draw while that crazy Brazilian German foodball match

Rifle Concept

Hi guys, I work on a new freelance job over the last weeks where I had to draw waaaaay too much weapons, tha bad thing is, I can´t stop it, so here is one personal rifle which I was rendering the last two evenings. heave fun to watch!

Lineart I

Here we go guys a Sunday evening sketch. sorry for not posting anything the last time but beside all the freelance stuff I don't find the time for doing something for my blog :/

Comic Character Concept

Okay guys this time something completely different. This is a Character Concept I have done for a very good Friends Game, it was a lot of fun to draw this because it is in a very different style as I usually do.

This is the first game mockup I have done to figure out how it could look like.

Ramrod Saber Rider Concept

finally i can post Ramrod :D! This is a Concept (redesign) I did for Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs the Game.